Moved from Mexico, what you got from the culture to reflect to your present career?

Technically I thing I developed some skills to do a little bit of everything. Design, animation, illustration, some scripting and 3D. Professionally I’m graphic designer and is kind of common that the Mexican design companies do too much work with a few resources, here in USA the process is different, the mentality is focused more in the specialization and that allows me now to offer more diversity in my work. Visually I do believe my cultural background is reflected in how it looks my graphics, Mexico is a place full of textures and sounds and rich in graphic elements everywhere, walking in the streets you never has the feeling that is a flat or minimal environment and my style doing design or illustration is that, deep and very textured, intrinsic and decorative such as Mexico feels.

How long did you find artistic style? What features you like to present in it?

All my live I has have some inclination to do art work, I really love and admire the graphic work and the fact how one beautiful image can reach your attention and make you feel something. I never has the opportunity or maybe the enough time to focus my self in that direction since I moved here at Oregon USA, specifically here in Portland, the art community is so strong and you have the opportunity to get closer and get inspired to do art. That is why I decided to do in my free time some personal work and now I’m totally amazed about how fast and good response has my actual work. I’m big fan of cartoons and characters design. My art is about odd and cute creatures with human expressions that reflect our own humanity in imaginative worlds or situations, we live in a social world and everything moves around our society and people who surround us, is a human condition respond to human gestures or personalities and I thing people responds to my characters in the same way, be a designer is another factor I consider add some interesting elements, I know some about aesthetic, color and shape and I use my designer experience to reach some visual combinations on my drawings. My art basically evolve illustration and design skills together.

It is interesting to look at your characters, which has personality and some works, such as “The Boy, The Cloud, The Umbrella, and The Stars”, could you tell us something behind the creation?

I created that piece in particular to decorate my son’s room, I was looking and image that reflects peaceful and tranquility. He has three years old and has some troubles to sleep alone in his room, this was an intent to make more comfortable his space, he likes for some reason umbrellas and that image came to me one day , I did a little sketch and he liked it. The process in the final result is mixed media, I did an original work with ink and watercolors then I manipulated the image digitally since to obtain the final treatment with the textures you can see in the final image.

Do you have obsession with animation films? Please talk about how it affects you.

Well, as I told you I love so much all about characters design, see those great and quirky personalities on strange creatures with a lot of humanity and when I have the chance to watch them in movement in their own world, talking, walking, virtually alive is something that I just can't resist to consume.
In your creations, there are digital technique, texture papers and fresh colors.

How do you combine different tools?

Certainly my digital work reflects some organic flavor and what I do in an intent to obtain it is create my paths practically by hand using my digital tablet, I try to avoid when I can copy or duplicate elements, I draw them as the same way you'll do it using a pencil. Another important element is the tonality I use, the colors are more based what you can reach in nature, organic, not satured and of course all this supporting by the use of textures like wood, leaves and floral patterns. Recently I started doing some hand made work over paper and wood cause some galleries was interested in that type of work to show and realize that I love it! I enjoy a lot doing this and some of my very new work is based in a combination of hand draw color it and textured by computer and I like so much the result. Probably you'll some of these in a near future.

Besides illustration works, design for Curiosity Group is your career too. What is your working philosophy to be a designer and director?

My philosophy doing design, illustration or art is always the same, I take care a lot about detail and quality image, in my experience working on these different areas I discovered I can complement them one each other and help me to define better my visual style. Design and illustration is quiet a challenge cause you need to consider your work is more about communicate some for a user request than just create pretty visuals, is about function some times more that aesthetic and that is why also I love do design, cause allows me to experiment with new tendencies.

Please talk about your first solo art show “Criaturas”. What’s the interesting content?

The most incredibly issue about it was that I'm a novice doing Art, I just focused on my own style around six month ago and now I have my first show in a pretty great space, is the biggest book store on USA and is visited for many, many people, is a great opportunity to show my work to people who is not related with the design community. Criaturas is the world for creatures in spanish, and literally the content is that, every piece is about one character and the show reflects a world of these creatures living together for a temporary time in those walls, I have diversity on techniques showing digital works, watercolor, acrylic, ink and coffee on paper or wood and also I have some paper cut but the element in common are my little criaturas.

Is any art work related unforgettable memory or experience? What creation is the most proud of?

All of them are very important for me but certainly there are a couple which I consider were the engine that allowed me be in the mood to do more and more, Bear was the piece what makes me feel I got something good in front, I remember have this though – "This is the way I definitely need to follow, I got it! I'm a genius! " well, maybe I exaggerated a little bit but that was the feeling, I was totally pleased about that piece. Was the first using the textured backgrounds and the mute colors on my characters. The Enamored Whale was another which I realized was good the use of human concepts or feelings in my creations. the human emotion factor makes stronger the piece. Nosferatu on paper cut is the beginning of a new era on this type of work, put dimension on my current work seems pretty interesting technique to play with.

How do you keep imaginary and creativity? Where are your resource and favorite places?

Everything that surrounds me is good for inspiration, I guess just need to keep me open to be impressed for new things and new experiences. That condition feed my mind to keep it fresh for creation. Music, art, films, people, street, nature, family and dreams are my resources and favorite places.

If you could publish a new book now, what contents you would like to present?

Characters, characters and more characters. They can be sleeping, flying, walking, riding, climbing, dreaming, eating, screaming, crying, laughing, singing, thinking, roaring, floating... living.